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Amount deduction issue

I have paid 7600 to SR Enterpeise in yesterday my amount were deducted from my account but the amount transfer not yet be done and that time showing payement failed after howmany days i refundale my amount so please kindly help me.

Payment issue

I've transferred amount for someone account but transaction is failed but ammount was debited pliz help....


Why the weast peoples are joining in this amazon, they people don't have the manase very stuped Agents very very worest behivour, if they have no patients to talk to customers then why they are receiving calls blady scondrals always connecting disconnecting they self while talking. Even not know the process kyc verification.1800-3000-1571 is this grievance team contact number or not, are you cheeting or blaming the customer, while connecting the call they says it's not grievance team then why are you provided in app this contact number

I am facing the KYC issue from 25 days your team says it's solved but still I am getting error while uploading my documents. Every time extending 5 dyas every one not working on just escapeing. If you are worked on it I will get the positive report definitely. From two days on words no one can be responding thorough mail also. Please conform me as soon as possible.

Payment related issues

What kind of service you guys are providing it's been more than 2 weeks that I made payment and it has been escalated.i am receiving calls for not making payment can anyone take responsibility to resolve at the earliest.Sorry to say this is not customer service you are giving.
It's been a week I escalated to one of your rep and SR was raised. No call back no reply on email.
I am very much disappointed for service that you are providing.
It's frustrating to receive calls in bulk on daily basis for non payment.

Never give me back rupees

My payment is failed but Amazon pay never give me this payment back....

Amount refund

My amount was paid that message was came amount will be refund up to now amount will not came please refund my amount

Refund issue

Returned back after giving deleveray no reply came item too bad: I don't have work


My amount was paid that message was came amount will be refund up to now amount will not came please refund my amount

Sir on Nov 13 this month my

Sir on Nov 13 this month my transaction was failed but amount was debited

Non lifting of hold on my account

Please refer to the subject cited above. For this I have contacted so many times to costumer care and also sent e-mails to investigate , to cis , to osm, to ofm. But matter is still not solved despite the lapse of more than 15 days.

Transection is failed ,but amount is deducted from account

Sir mene 13 Oct ko 8:30 AM ke time 1500 rupee send kiye the , transection failed aaya ,but account se rupee kaat gaye or abhi tak refund nahi hua


Sir mene 2 february ke 500 rupee send kiye the , transection failed aya, but account se rupee kaat gya or abhi tak refund nahi hua h.

mere account se money debit ho gye h pr transaction failed dikha

sr mere account se money debit ho gye h pr mere transection history me failed show kr rha h or mere account me se money bho debit ho gye h

Recharge money refund regarding

Mene airtel balance recharge kiya tha to recharge faild ho gya tha lekin wallet se money cut gya tha isilye mene usi number par fir se recharge kiya or successfully recharge ho gya but pahle vale ka paisa abhi tak refund nahi huaa

Beans for bean bag

My son ordered 2.5 kg of beans I received only three bags weighing 450 grams each which indicates some one stolen two bags ( delivery) prior to delivery which is robbery or Amazon cheating

account closed

sir mera amazon account close kr diya gya hai.kab aur kise open hoga?
please help me

sir i had got 2150 rupees

sir i had got 2150 rupees from amazon pay on 1st october but till 5th october it was showing pending money has been debited from the account of the one who sanded me money but not yet come in my account please solve the problem immediately please please

fraud case

I have bought a shirt from amazon but the quality is I returned it and the agent picked it from me.But after one and half hour the agent called me back and told me that it's not the same product which is delivered.I don't know why he did this after picking the product and not even this.. "after one hour again I got a text message of 4-digit code to share it with product pickup agent if I want to return the product." And now I got a call by customer service that pickup agent didn't pickup the product...but I have the photo proof of picking the product by the agent. What will I do..pls help me @Amazonhelp @Jeffbezzos .

Upi transfer

Mene 15 sep ko 5000 ke 2 payment same account me kiye the ek received ho gaya h ek abhi nahi gaya please help me

pending balance

hlo Sir mai 30 august ko paisa bhej diya lekin abhi tk pending me hai
please help

pay balance

They didn't give back my amazone pay balance because they told me u are using another account for same number .how could be possible .they told it's automatic delete account from Amazon and you can't get back money

My consignment not delivered me

My consignment not deliver to me but Amazon crackers so your consignment delivered your address but not purchase me why




Please intimate the status of the refund of amount Rs.599/- against order No 405-1187864-5736360 at the earliest.

Thanking you sir.

Order cancellation

Sir my money was not refunded

Money not refund

Money not refund from Amazon !!!
It's is very surprised that after I order it is cancelled by the company and the money was not yet refund till now sir please check it out and do refund at the earliest

Refund amount

Mene kuch days pahle Mobile cover book kiaa tha , or Cover delivery Hogaya but quality low thi tou Return kardiaa cancel tou abhi tak refund amount nahi huaa abhi tak mujhe money nahi mile Q

Mene kuch days pahle Shirt

Mene kuch days pahle Shirt book kiaa tha , or Cover delivery Hogaya but quality low thi tou Return kardiaa cancel tou abhi tak refund amount nahi huaa abhi tak mujhe money nahi mile Q

Kyc related

When i connecting my upi account with amazon pay then shaws unspported app
So please help me sir

My amount not refundable in my account

Ma Kal ek samsung galaxy m12 mobile order kiyatha or kuch samyake baad canceled kardia and transaction my credit card se kiyatha but abhitak refund nehi Hua so please refund my money

Order No.

Order No. #402-8525231-8603528

Please provide me details/information regarding that product.

will it refund or product ?

Parcel found open,one part was missing

Ordered modern abc of biology 12th class part 1 and 2, paid in advance on 29 march at the time of order,on 5th Apr parcel delivered was found open and part 2 was missing.


8day huva older return huva he lekin abhitak refund nhi huva he

my amount not refund by amzaon pay

amazon say 10 feb2021 ma eke transection kea tha jo nhi ho playa but amount is 8000 RS deduct on my account that time and amazon pay status is pending and display this massage ''payment amount of 8000 has been completed successfully. Payment will reflect in beneficiary's bank account within 2 working days." but amount are not refund in my account and that day to till day showing same massage so please help me

Payment not refundable in my account

Sir maine 3 feb 2021 ko shaam 7.30 pm ka aas paas recharge kiya tha balance kat gya lekin recharge nahi hua or na he uske baad balance refund hua h so please refund my balance 199rs help me

packing damage

I prefer to provide a general feedback - as you are a good listener to your customer voice to improve manufacturer packaging on items that you deliver under Frustration-Free Packaging Programs. “ to gather packaging insights via to help us deliver the best possible “
pl see the photos taken on a delivery received , but the inside contents were as per our ordered spec
This snap is an evidence still your policy of frustration fee packing has to deep root in all your agencies

Refundable money not get my account

Not get my money back after cancellation of order 5 hours have pa


Sir mera credit card ka payment kar raha tha 1.4.2021 ko aur paise mere AC se kat Gaye Bt phir bhi failed dikha raha amt 6000

Refundable money not get my account

Not get my money back after cancellation of order 5 hours have pa


Refundable Mony not get moneyaccount

Not get my money back after cancellation of order 4 days have pa

Very bad and rude working process of Amazon i have not expected this from Amazon i have order some products from Amazon but by mistake address get wrong and when i cancel that product than from that to till now 4 days gone and i have not got my money back,fraud Amazon

HTC desire 728 battery

My parcel is return to back my money is not come back because my HTC desire 728

You all make everyone a fool

You all make everyone a fool you said my order will come today at 9 Pm but as soon as it was 9 There was messsage said that the order is being return to the seller
Now can you tell me why ?

Order cancelled, but delivered item not taken back..

Placed order twice for the same item, same item-2 nos.delivered. hence, one order cancelled; but the item has not been taken back even after a week.the Amazon staff clarified to bring tempo or van to take the item back, but had not come back.
Due to this, my refund amount is held up with Amazon. No idea when Amazon will lift the item and refund the amount.

Dear sir I am ordering of

Dear sir I am ordering of shoes combo of 2 pair bu I received 1 pair so please send I pair shoes

Replace item

Show size and Parchezig item size different

Item short packages

Dear sir I am ordering of shoes combo of 2 pair bu I received 1 pair so please send I pair shoes

Exchange offer details

I have a phone for exchange offer. Oppo a3s , but phone some damge, can exchage offer apply.

My parcel is return to back

My parcel is return to back my money is not come back

i ordered 2 items but u send

i ordered 2 items but u send only one takenfor 2 pieces what the soluion

The product wich i buy from amzon is duplicate

I bought a hair trimmer of Philips from amazon but i found that Amazon send me a duplicate trimmer which not properly genuine so i request all Amazon's customers that dont purchases any product from this fraud company

Abhi tak mera saman nahi mila

Abhi tak mera saman nahi mila hai 25 August ko book kiya tha red

Truke is not work so return

My bluetuth is not work

What is the procedure to sell a product (clothing)in Amazon

Hello Team,

Please share Amazon sellers procedures to sell clothing products.

Vinaya Kumar

I ordered a lucky bamboo and

I ordered a lucky bamboo and after some time i cancelled my order. But still I didn't get refund

I ordered a lucky bamboo and

I ordered a lucky bamboo and i cancelled it but i didn't get refund

Wrong product deliver

I ordered kick they gave real doctor Product and size delivery wrong Charged extra amount

My Amazon account is not login

My account is not login,i am not satisfied in my Amazon account,

Parsal not dilevered

612 lugase shirt ordered 31 July 20,but parsal not dilevered
Payment already paid this items

Parsal not dilevered

Kids shirt ordered 31 July 20
But parsal not dilevered, payment already paid

Please refund

Please item refund

Unfortunately my orders are

Unfortunately my orders are returned, please send back.

Amount is not credited

Amazon pay se paytem numder ko amount not credited

Order cancelled but money not refund

Money not refund

Airtal recharch nhi hua ruppy bi kat gye

Sir main recharge kiya 05/10/2020ko Or aabi tak ho recharge nhi hua or account me se ruppy bi kat gye aaj 3din ho gye ruppy bi refund nhi hue

Related to not transferring money to the give account

Today I have transferred 4000 rupees to someone's account but money is not transferred to the account and balance is deducted from my bank account. Status showed pending and then I want u to refund me the money


Rs. 500 was deducted from my account and the TRANSACTION was failed. But the amount has not been refunded to my account.

Get best deals on amazon

Plz send my money back. this is my phone pay number. I paid 1000 through phone pay

Get deals on amazon

Please check my issue. I paid 1000 rupees in get best deals by Amazon for mobile. and money also deducted.but order not also nor tefundable

Get deals on amazon

I paid 1000 rupees get deals on amazon for money is deducted but there is no response. At least refund my amount or send my mobile. I have a screen shots how can i send that

No neas prime membership

don't want your amazon prime me you you provide me your prime membership witouth my confirmation please reverse your service.

exchange producr

Please call me


I just want to know m I allowed to pay through
Bajaj finance card on any purchase of amazon products

Address incomplete

I forgot to mention sector 70 in one of my ordered item.

Regarding delivery of my order

I have ordered some items ans since last two days I have been informed regarding delivery of the item but today message is given regarding reschedule of order.
Please arrange for quick delivery of my order.

Delivery late

Delivery date of my order was 28th July but my order is not arrived stil now. I sent rakhis in this order. But you r saying it will be delivered on 5th Aug. But rakshabandhan is on 3rd Aug. Plz make arrival before Rakshabandhan(3rd Aug)

Amazon payment related

27 Jun 2020 I recharge 599 to jio number but recharge was pending and pending amount was successful on 03 July 2020
But my recharge not completed so I want to refund my amount

Money not refund yet now

I ordered 2 item, one item order cencelled and one item refund but still now money is not refund in my account this is a case of about 25 days ago but amazone is no iniceative in this case, very bad online policy maney of the customer have the experience. Please solved my probleme.

Pending payment

My Rs 700 is pending before 7days please immediately rection

Electricity Bill payment

08/08/2020 I payed my electricity bill pending amount was successful completed but bill not payed so my money refund


I ordered a phone but it's not good for me then I cancelled it but they didn't give my money back

I am now getting frustrated due to your poor services

You know what I m done with these guys ,it's now third time I m facing problem s .and when this time I placed an order ,it reached Bangaluru and when I m trying to call their customer care services then it's saying that this no. Is invaild .I wanted to investigate because I wanted this order very early due to some personal issues but now I think my mind is getting out of them.

Refund amount no credit

Ordar cancelled but refund amount not account credit plz...My problem solved... Thanks

Subo aquarium pump problem

Please refund and

cancel Order

I am order 3ply surgical musk piece of 150 the amount is 495,but same musk available low price,why i pay extra.
so I want to cancel the order,but there is no option to cancel.


Why not my amount not refund . Credit dates was 15 july Today is 18 july. How many days would you take to refund my mony

I need my return item

Hai their
Unfortunately my delivery was returned. Please send back

I need my return item

मेने अपना आर्डर कैंसल नही क्या अपने आप मेरा आर्डर कैंसल हो गया।

Items wrong item

Give me my order item and price it for men

Customer care nos and contact nos are not functioning

Customer care nos and contact nos are not functioning