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Returns Processing Facility
Survey Numbers 231, 232 and 233
Soukya Road, Samethanahalli
VillageAnugondanahalli Hobli,
Hoskote TalukBangalore-560067

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Buildings Alyssa,
Begonia and Clover situated in Embassy Tech Village,
Outer Ring Road,
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Varthur Hobli,
Bengaluru-560103, India

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The Delivery service is very

The Delivery service is very poor

IBM Game Changer

IBM Game Changer

seems they have started

seems they have started selling used cloths too now , its very useless service and products . take a note myntra team , deleting my profile from your portal .

Wrong delivery of items

Received one item which doesn't belongs to me,but there is no contact number to this message can be delivered.and item may reach to right person

Delivery agent refused to take back the order

Your delivery agent refused to take back the order he informed that there is a price tag missing on the product and the price is not mentioned anywhere on the product so I need an approval to take back this order and refund my money.

Money refund issue

Comments written in incorrect English, improper grammar, using short forms, using Hindi words etc - those comments will be deleted

Your agent refused to took the order back.

Your agent did not pick the product he said in his app the product pic is mismatch. And the product is not pre-approved.......i don't know what all this non-sence complaint is concerned with that ..... I have received the pair of shoes of same leg.....which is of left leg....
Please provide the contact number of the concerned person who can help me out...of this mess
I get fed up with all this non-sence.

Your agent refused to took the order back.

Your agent did not pick the product he said in his app the product pic is mismatch. And the product is not pre-approved.......i don't know what all this non-sence complaint is concerned with that ..... I have received the pair of shoes of same leg.....which is of left leg....
Please provide the contact number of the concerned person who can help me out...of this mess
I get fed up with all this non-sence.

Order delivered issue

I received wrong product and I want my order in same price what I ordered before so kindly request to you plzz I requested to u for exchange in same price

Order update

Actually my order address 1st time wrong is my folt but I was updated new address on my product then on my order no take responsibility Myntra . I want this product but your Myntra app is not good for responsible for please cancel my order and refund .Myntra u 1dt take responsibility then sale your products don't disturb customers

Disgustfully careless Myntra Team!!!! Shame on you!!! Fraudsters

I am writing you with great disappointment about the kind of treatment I am receiving from Myntra team. Highly disappointed. You guys are falsely claiming that you have sent the product with a price tag, which is totally wrong. 2 times i ordered the same product, and it came without a price tag. And now you guys are declining my return request with a nonsense excuse that the quality is verified and checked, wherein I didn't ever complaint about quality at all. I have returned the product unused unwashed, without even single defect, and exactly how i received it. Along with it's original packaging, and invoice copy. Despite telling this so many times, you are declining my request like foolish and greedy people. When someone asks you about China, you tell them about America and expect the customer to be happy with that information and sit quietly. No shame at all in cheating the customers.

Fraud Myntra


These are fraud people. I ordered a jeans for my husband. It was 36. and comparatively to other size was too big. same time i requested for exchange for 34 size. Product was kept as it is. Yesterday the delivery boy came with new one, he denied to take it back because he noticed some small dots of marks(dye may be) which is manufactured defect. Where the size is the only issue who will be going to check the product. I requested for size issue. Now they asked to wait for i do not how long. As my husband's birthday so i ordered if he wont be able to wear that i will take them to the legal department.

All Nonsense Myntra Customer Care do not understands common language and delivery persons are uneducated , unaware of product knowledge.

I bought mast and however

I bought mast and however shoe last week, use for 3 times there is stiching are removed bad quality wast of my money, I want to claiming the warranty Pls help me, other wise I will be return the product

Order not delivered

Dear sir can't expect I ordered 20/06/2020
Now till date I'll not received my order boat virels head phone and Myntra team also fake details give and no one responded..for me I already pay for payment but customer's service Also can't receive my calls almost one month cumplit I booked my order plz take a customer service

Kishor koli

Not received my refund payment yet

I haven’t received my payment yet of ₹565 ....trying to contact myntra since last 3-4 days ...why the hell u provide such number I dnt understand....when’ll I receive my payment ...otherwise I m going to take serious action against myntra .

no rEsponse from cutommer care

I am trying to reach customer care to refund a product , which the delivery boy refused to pick up saying its white and can only be returned if he has special instructions from #Myntra. Trying to reach customer care for past one week not able to reach them and neither can i contact them by email. Seriously they have one of the worst customer care support. Myntra sucks in customer care

Return request of a kurti

My son had purchased a W kurti for me from myntra.The fabric and the stitching turned out re bad. Just as i was removing tags tl try the kurti the who stitching came off from the neck design exposing poor workmanship. I have been tryi g since 10th july for the return of this kurti. Every time i get an assurance from their supervisors that my problem will be resolved on 24 hours but that has not been the case so far.

Myntra Failed to deliver my Router purchased From flipkart

I am unable to track my order and i received a msg that myntra is unable to deliver my item and they are getting it back in 24 to 48 working hour. I didn't recieved any of the call from the delivery executive so i want to know the reason for not delivering also. Myntra logistics are careless. They even do not have a helpline no. They provide a number via sms when i called on that no its switch off.

Got two items less and i paid for them, no refund received

I had ordered 3 items but i got only 1 and money was taken for 3 items. After repeatedly call customer care from myntra app they are still processing my request. Now they have blocked me from calling customer care from my number. So i cant even contact them.
Please look into this myntra otherwise I'll have to take serious steps regarding this matter.


I came across your feedback for myntra will you recommend buying from them.

I live in the uk
Many thanks

Dont Buy they are cheaters

Dont Buy from Myntra. the real fraud people

Unable to track my order

I am unable to track my order and i received a msg that myntra is unable to deliver one of my item and they are getting it back. I didn't recieved any of the call from the delivery executive so i want to know the reason for not delivering also. Kindly help

Missing order

Yesterday i got my order but in that im missing one order. So plz contact me back asap or else i have to complaint on u and pass bad review on internet about u

http //www. myntra .com

Myntra customer care helpline number

Refund on order cancellation

I didn't get the refund of the product that I had cancelled and I had cancelled product on 25 July but till now I didn't get the refund


My order was pickup one day ago but still i haven'received any refund amount in my bank account iam trying to call customer care but the number is showing wrong can u please refund my account


please refand fast proces myntra

Return item

U am not satisfied with product


My order was picked up 18aug but still I haven't received any refund amount in my bank account i am trying to call customers care but the number is showing wrong can u please refund my bank account

i checked my order for the

i checked my order for the update .what i saw is it got cancelled automatically trying to contact but the number which they mentioned never connects you. myntra fails very big time.

Order got cancelled

Hi my order got cancelled reason out of stock.but still I can see it available while shopping again

Order not yet recieved

I have placed my order on 7th July and got msg on 8th saying it's dispatched.It was supposed to be delivered on 16th of July but now it's a long time and havent yet received the order. Myntra app shows no orders when I went back to track the order. Customer care is of no use. I tried mailing u as well as tried tracking it through Ecom Express, but it's disgrace that u dont revert back. Please see where has my order reached and deliver it as soon as possible.

Not received my order

I did’nt get my order and i dont get any details that today is my order is coming no one is calling back r u helping me soo plzz tell me otherwise i have to take n action on this...

Order not received till now

Dear team,

Find below mention number in mail received from Myntra product out of delevery. On one call me today for product delevry then I am called up number mention in mail name is Sonu. he told me this is wrong number short my issue for delivery of products.


Order not yet recieved

I was orderded wildcraft wallet on 17 aug. I got msg on 19th your order has send me the order on by tommorrow

Product complain

I purchased a Floyd sunglasses of one year garranty period but only in one month sunglasses started getting faded and colour also getting faded.. I want to change that because of this.. and this is do unsatisfied


My product are not return

Foulty product

I have purchased boult Bluetooth headphones
Which are faulty with 1 year warranty.i need to chang it .
You guys are not having workable helpline number. How disgusting it is.

I have a query about the business to start with myntra

Please lemme know how will I contact you for business as a brand owner.I really wanna collaborate you to do further business

refund not back

Mantra picked my product almost 107baGE days ago.but money is not refunded back till now.please reply.

Sir return my money

2 items 1 items rs retutrn
and another product rs plz giv me

Lost Myntra account

I've lost my myntra account and when I tried to log in using my email it turns up a new account. But in my previous account for the same email there's still an order which isn't delivered yet. And I have paid half the price of the order via my myntra credit. The order consist of 4 items. The actual delivery date is 23rd July, but I'm getting worried what if I didn't get the order.

I lost my account

I'm purchasing 1product but I want to return and my account was not working no any purchase shown

Regarding Cheating with customer

I have ordered 03 tops from Myntra n they delivered 02 to me and the third one I didn’t recieved but the order status is showing that it has been delivered to me. I registered a complaint n the Myntra representative send me the proof of delivery which is a signature. That signature was fake. That signature doesn’t belongs to me or any of my family member. I tried to talk with delivery personal and they are sure they have delivered me only two packets. They don’t have any idea about the third product. What should I do know.

Item different received from myntra and i want to return

I have an order a sperks earing from myntra on 3 nov but its different received and i want to return it peacefully.

Not delivered the order

I have not received the ordered product and it is prepaid.
Now I got the msg of it's delivery.
I have given my feedback on Myntra 's official site but no response from their side yet.

Not delivered my order yet

I have ordered an expensive jacket by choosing card payment,but it is still not delivered to me .. please inform me about my parcel.

courier problem

dear sir/medam

I was expecting to take delivery of the item on 20/09/11, but at present I have still not received the goods. Failure to deliver within a reasonable time and outside of the agreed deadline is considered to be a breach of contract. expressbees worrest courier please yours best myntra onlien shopping, another courier services you possible, please my complaint

courier problem

myntra online shopping very good but courier problems very problem. ekart courier best courier in india, expressbees courier very worst this courier very dilay, so many problems


Please send me my parcel before 15th July.

Delivery issue

My order no. Last-74401 is not been received ....please can I have the order before 11.AM tomorrow is my birthday...and it is urgent for me to have the order....pls is there any possibility as the order have been shipped .....please take care and make the comment on this fast....please I want my order before 11.AM tomorrow....

Order cancelled without any information of its delivery

Today i m checking ordered delivery status and i surprised...!!! Order is cancelled without any information of its delivery. what a ridiculous this is.
customer care number is not working... no. is incorrect
what rubbish this is...

Order cancelled without any information

I need my product back as soon as possible & ,pls contact me

For late delivered of product

From the last 6-7days i was ordered my product and it tell that it will be delivered by 2nd of july but after shipped of product the delivery become late for more two days and the delivery shown in order is of 8th of july and in the order there is no change come that the order reach you by this or this . Please do better your courier myntra logistics courier for better sell .
Thank you ......

Order cancelled without any information of its delivery

This type of rediculous behavior is not order has been cancelled without any information of it's delivery..i want my order back at the same price ....if something you can't deliver than don't take the order... it seems it' worthless shopping from this customer service no is working no one is there for our help...

Complaint against courier service.

I would like to draw your kind attention towards the fact that for the last 10days, the product I Ordered is yet to be Dispatched. The order as per your information is packed in dispatch warehouse since 25th June 2018.
Today it is 2nd of July, almost 7 days have passed now, yet I see no change.
It is my earnest request that you look into this matter and I look forward for its delivery soon. Please do improve your courier service to cope up with the courier services of various websites.

Thank You,
Yours faithfully,
Sudipto Sarkar.

Delivery guy took more money than the bill amount

Dear Myntra and Bluedart,
I received my parcel yesterday, 28th June 2018 containing slippers. It was a Cash on delivery order which was recieved by my mom who is a senior citizen. The delivery guy came without any prior call and at a very odd time.Instead of the bill amt of Rs.1178 my mom mistakenly gave him Rs.1708.I'm sure he must have counted it...but he took the additinal Rs.530 without correcting her and left.My parcel number is
Kindly look into this and revert back.He came twice on the same day for 2 seperate deliveries.He is a tall guy, of medium built and was wearing a maroon striped shirt.

Worst customer support service

i am trying to contact myntra customer support on both the above mentioned numbers, on mobile its saying not a valid number and on 1800XXX number saying customer is not answering your call. there is no way to contact the support team.

Wrong product worst customer service

I had purchased a hoodie for my brother and i paid 200rs exact to get that order as it was before sale start order. When product was received I was highly disappointed as it was a different product all together i gave a call to customer care people and complaint about it and today i received a msg of return. I gave a call on customers care number as no update was given to me about will I receive my orginal product or not. But when given a call varun person from customer care said u have to give pick up to get your original product and when the call was transferred to the supervisor Salman he said the product is not available so we took return request.

As a customer I feel cheated as even after paying 200 rs for getting that outfit i did not receive the original product. Refund does not make it better when you expect something and you get highly disappointed.

Myntra you lost a customer today.

Money deducted from account when i had selected COD

i made an order from Myntra of 2000, first i had selected payment mode debit card, i entered my card details and everything. But it said your order cant be placed. Then i selected Payment mode as COD( Cash on Delivery), my order got placed. But my money got deducted from my account. so it is a big problem now. It is very disappointing. Wont do shopping from this site.

I ordered jeans Pant and a

I ordered jeans Pant and a shirt but I did not received my item delivery date was 18th disappointed with Myntra courier.

Unable to create return request

I'm unable to create return request for 2 items purchased from an Android app. The site is unable to upload the order page. its coming as blank.


I have purchased a top from myntra,now I want to return it but I m not getting any option to return ,it is giving blank page and even i am not able to reach customer care or chat. .

Worst courier service

Myntra Logistics is the worst courier service I've ever come across

Defective/torn piece received

Dear sir/mam
I ordered a W black kurti worth Rs 2216/-..and i have recieved defective is totally torn out from the sides...i have placed exchange request today.please do the needful asap.
Thank you

return policy

I wanted to check if there is a option to return items even after 30 days of delivery. If so please let me know the procedure to do so.

No refund received yet


My product was picked 20 days back ,still haven’t received athe refund.

Please look into this asap ...your refund service is very pathetic

I am really shocked to see so

I am really shocked to see so many issues over refund and returns...I never faced this kind off situation before..but after watching all these comments now I am worried to purchase from this site


Regarding above subject I purchased fossil watch from u,instead of watch I got an empty fossil box,I complained once in that time one of ur executive told me that u will get notification in 3days but still no response...,kindly reply me

Refund issues

Hey my order was picked around twelve days back and still i havent recieved any amount in my bank account can you explain why i have to face this unconvienence if in your protocol you mention that it will only take 3 to 7 days. Kindly process my refund ASAP


My product was picked up one day ago bt I didn't get my refund yet.. I m trying to call customer care bt the number is showing wrong.


Maine mentra se ek shirt li or use return opption me dala abhi tak call nhi aaya plz help me

Mantra Biometric Authentication problam

iam harischandrudu Erothu
village chinnalaxmipuram, ichapuram mandalam, srikakulam dist, andhra pradesh state pin 532312.

my mantra Model:MFS100V54
54SAXXC 1394490


So Whate i doing sir tell me

money not refund

Mantra picked my product almost 20 days ago.but money is not refunded back till now.please reply.

Money not refund

Myntra has not refund my money to my account.
I have purchased from Flipkart and Amazon but their refund is with in 7 days and that happens their customers service people calls they take our details to which account the money has to be refunded. Here nothing of such. I regret why I purchased from your site.

my product picked by mantra

my product picked by mantra but my money is not refund

Compaint regarding delievery man laxman kumar

I ordered a PROMOD jeans..and i recieved defective one..i have placed exchange request and today the delivery person came with the new jeans and he asked me to give the defective jeans and so i did...i gave it to him...then he said i can’t give you this jeans because i don’t have any approvel and he in front of me cancel the delivery of item. This is so bullshit ..why did he came with the parcel ..when he didn’t have any approvel...this is unbearable...seller is selling defective product on myntra with original tag ..and then also myntra courier service is doing these silly things
Take strict action against this.

Refund return product amount request

Hi myntra,
Its been two 14days i have returned my hand bag. I did not receive any refund amount in my account. When i am calling the toll free number and other customer care numbers call is not connecting. Can please refund mu amount.



Mantra picked my product almost 8
days ago.but money is not refunded back till now.please reply.


Wrong product delivered

I have a purchase order for blue colour arrow brand shirt but you have a wrong one and after when I filed returns request your representative refuse to accept that product but stating that serial no mentioned on product is different that I have order. Exactly I am telling the that I haven't received product that I ordered that I only came to know when I opened that parcel. Kindly suggest what needs to be done by for its return.

refund issue

i ordered hylandr shirt but due to size issue i return bt till today no refund back in my account from last 10 days... what d hell is this myntra no contact numbers is in working condition, no customer care number is in working condition ...

My return complain was late due to wrong pin code assigned by y

I just ordered puma bag which is worth around 1400 but I got puma tshirt which was 599 and its mrp rate then I submitted the return order ..but no one pick the product yet ..if I called the executive he said that company assigned ur pickup order by wrong pin code ...plz do the favour and refund ma money


I ordered online on mytra but which I have ordered the product that didn’t I get , that product was totally changed which I saw on mytra. So i apeal that organize me that product which I want , Hopefully my request would be accept


I have 1 pair of HRX shoe
Bought that which is not right from inside
The person who came back said that if the self is messy then you will have to talk to the call center so you help in it Thank you.

item got cancelled without a consent and money not refunded

being a regular customer i had never expected this kind of behavior from Myntra
I had ordered an item which was cancelled without a notification or message.
i checked after two days i came to know about it, checked my bank account the money was not refunded.
Currently the offer is going on exchange old cloths,
Delivery guy came and didnt even bothered to call me before delivering the item, i was waiting for him as i had to give him the old cloths.
If you people are not bothered to have it i think i should also not bother about that.
Tried many times on your given customer care number but all the number are declined from your side.
Please help me out on this matter, I have never faced this kind of behavior from your side.
I am Dissapointed.

product was cancelled without my consent and refund is also not

I ordered product and without my consent the product was sent back. I was not informed. I am disappointed from myntra. Their numbers are also not connecting. They are not responding to emails.
Guys please dont prefer myntra for shopping.
They are taking very long to response and refund.
Careless service

Wrong product delivered

I have a purchase order for blue colour arrow brand shirt but you have a wrong one and after when I filed returns request your representative refuse to accept that product but stating that serial no mentioned on product is different that I have order. Exactly I am telling the that I haven't received product that I ordered that I only came to know when I opened that parcel. Kindly suggest what needs to be done by for its return.

Also improve your customers services desk and provided no is able settle down my issue.

Ajay Singh

Amount is not credited in My myntra account

Hi ,I recently bought a kurta which is from Anouk brand from your app on the date 19 March 2018.The cost of kurta was RS.1383/-.Kurta was not fitting so I returned it .But still I didn't get my money through myntra account.It is also disappeared from order history.Suddenly Myntra app is showing my old address,clean order history... it's huge disappointed from your side ...please take an action .. I am regular customer of Myntra...but you will do nothing then I will drop out.Sorry

Why my order cancelled by myntra.

Dear sir/Mam,

I was succesfully done payment Rs.1980.92 on 21/03/2018 But my order is automatic cancell so i request to plese return back recredit my dabit amount on some bank

Looking for a product by the help of product code.

Can i find a product by applying product code. My gf suggested me the product, who cant dend me the pic of the same, coz i cant ask her. Haha