JioFiber Broadband Customer Care No. 1800 896 9999

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 896 9999 (JioFiber Customers - Monday – Sunday)
  • 1800 88 99999 (From other networks Mon-Fri 10:30am to 6pm)
  • 1800 889 9555 (Helpline for New Business Connection)
All India Number(s): 
  • 70005-70005 (JioFiber-WhatsApp Support)
  • 70008 70008 (Alternate Whatsapp support)


  • JioFiberCare [at] jio [dot] com (Customer Support)

Interested Customers

  • Message "HELLO" to 70008-70008 on WhatsApp.
  • You may need to add the number 70008-70008 to your address book, before you can message.

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To Lodge Complaint

  1. Through Call
    • 1800 896 9999 (For complaints Mon-Sun 9am-9pm)
    • 1800 889 9999
    • 1800 889 3999 (Jio Apellate Authority)
  2. Through Mail
  3. Through Chat
  4. Jio App also provide Jiocare:Help & support with
    Live Chat whatsapp Chat Troubleshoot, How to videos,
    FAQs, Helpful Tips, Track Request, Track order
  5. You can lodge complaint through Live Chat in Jio App
    Live Chat
  6. Use Troubleshoot option to detect the problem in device.
  7. Through Whatsapp - 70005 70005

How To Apply for Jio Fiber Connection

Through Jio App

  1. Install MyJio App
    MyJio App
  2. Login using your Mobile No..
  3. Click on Top Left of the app. Tap on Jio Fiber.
    JioApp Side Bar
  4. Then Click on Jio Fiber.
    JioFiber Book Now
  5. Then
  6. Then, Enter Personal Details. Name & Mobile No.
    Personal Details
  7. Then Enter Address Details Pin Code, State,
    City Society Name, Flat/Office etc
    Address Details
  8. Submit Your Details. Then You will get the
    call from their representatives.
  9. Track your order by entering order
    reference number/CAF number/Service ID
    Track order

Through Website

: To get Jio Fiber Connection Click here

  • Enter your Name, Mobile Numbe & Click "Generate OTP".
  • Enter "OTP" received on our mobile No. & click "Verify OTP".
  • Enter your Address where you need Jiofiber Connection.
  • Click on "Submit".

Documents required for getting a Jio Fiber Connection

  • Aadhar Card or
  • Any other original valid POI (Proof of Identification) & POA
    (Proof of Address) as per DoT (Department of Telecom Guidelines)

How to change your Wifi Password from MyJio App:

Through Jio App

  1. Install App
  2. Login to MyJio App, select JioFiber Account
  3. Click on Menu on top left corner and select settings
  4. Select Device Settings > My Device wait for a few seconds
    until the JioFiber Router details appear
  5. Click advanced settings on the top right corner of the screen->
    Personal section for both Jiofiber Router 2.4 and 5 GHz
  6. Click on each SSID(Wifi Name) for changing user ID.
    Then to change the password, enter new password & save
  7. Click for video on how to manage your JioFiber Router


  1. Login to Official Website
  2. Click on sign in on menu bar, Click JioFiber
  3. Enter your Service ID/ Registered Mobile Number, Click on generate OTP
  4. Enter OTP received on Registered Mobile Number.
  5. Click ->Settings icon ->My Device -> ONT- Advanced Settings
  6. Click on each SSID (Wifi Name) for changing user ID.
    Then to change the password, enter new password & save

Existing/Registered Customers

  • Jio will get in touch with you for upgrading your services
  • Download MyJio app, as all communication with you will happen on the MyJio app
  • On recharging with a monthly/quarterly/annual plan of your choice, you will get a Set Top
    Box to enjoy the full bouquet of services

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Unacceptable Service Experience and Unprofessional Behavior

On April 29th, I requested a relocation, and despite multiple appointments being scheduled, the engineer failed to show up each time. Despite reassurances and promises from your representatives, the issue persisted.

Finally, on May 1st, an engineer arrived but then demanded extra money, citing a nonexistent issue with the electrical wiring in my flat. This is not only unprofessional but also unethical.

I have confirmed with both my society members and the construction engineering team responsible for the wiring that there are no issues. In fact, other service providers, such as Airtel, have had no problem with installation. It appears that only Jio personnel are creating obstacles and demanding additional payments.

Despite raising multiple service requests, the situation remains unresolved. Each time I am assured that the issue will be fixed promptly, but it continues to linger without any progress.

If this matter is not resolved promptly and to my satisfaction, I will have no choice but to cancel my subscription with Jio.

Refund not received even after 6 months

I took Jio fibre connection for my house. At the time of installation itself due the bad behaviour of the jio team i decided to cancel the connection. The jio team has taken the unit the same day and vanished. I have visited their office numerous times, spoken to stores Manager, customer service etc and still nobody can resolve this issue. Pathetic situation. If jio team cannot resolve the issue why do they do business. I have spend my hard earned money and Jio is enjoying with it.
Will someone from Jio HQ look into my complain and do the needfll.

jio fiber not working last 2 months

Since last two months i am struggling with jio fiber issue.It is not working. I scheduled service appointment many times but no body showed up. Only, i used to get fake messages from customer service stating that engineer visit is scheduled, then issue is resolved messages or engineer unable to access property, but in reality engineer/ technician never visited the property and there was no real work. After repeated service requests and no real resolution i got from my neighbour the jio fiber technician number on my own and requested the technician personally to visit my property. After repeated personal request he visited the property and found that due to rain water the jio fiber external box is not working and it need replacement.He told me to raise new service request, so that he will replace new box. I called the customer service and they told me to pay first the pending montly bill for the internet which i never used and then they will resolve the issue asap. Anyhow, i paid the bill but the issue is still not resolve and again i started getting same fake engineer visits and resolution messages.Now the technician also stop picking my call.I am in big deliemma and jio customer service again start sending me messages to pay bill as month end is approaching. So, i am paying them for free. Please help me as there is no one to hear customers problem in jio. It' s the worst company i had ever encountered.

non refund of money jio fiber til 2 months

i installed jio fiber in KW srishti society ghaziabad and after transer on 9th july i registered for device pickup and refund..i wait next 10 days to person for its 2 months..whenever we call jio fiber they gave n new complaint no. and no one come fir pickup..last they tell us to deposit the device ourselves in Narela Delhi.

worst service ever. jio team doesn't refund security deposit since four months. even there is no customer service number for this query. worst service for this.

Jio Fibre disconnect

Since one month I am trying to disconnect the jiofibre nobody are not giving answers. There is no proper communication with the jiofibre team.I have given a mail but no answer. I registered device pick up and refund no answer.worst services. There is no customer service for jiofibre disconnect.

refund security deposit

worst service ever. jio team doesn't refund security deposit since four months. even there is no customer service number for this query. worst service for this

I was kept on hold for about

I was kept on hold for about 4 minutes and my call was disconnected. I called back again and requested to escalate the issue to supervisors and I WAS INFORMED THAT I WOULD RECEIVE A CALL BACK BUT BEVER RECEIVED A CALL FROM ANYONE TILL DATE which shows that JIO has least botherings on customers nowadays.

Again I called the JIO number and I spoke with the executive and I was informed that my refund money will be credited in 2 working days and the transaction status is IN PROGRESS.

Again after 4 day today I called and an Executive by name Vijay spoke with me and it was very very hard and shocking to listen when I had to hear that the status of my Service Request was Completed even though I did not get any refund. Latter the after probing the executive Vijay said"Sir sorry for the inconvenience that

Today,(06/08/2021) before sending an email to you I spoke with customer care executive(Divya Sree) and she gave me a TAT of 21 days which is ridiculous.

You people are really making customers fool.

Ours is Corporate Connection.

Ours is Corporate Connection. But the "My JIO APP" shows the Authorised Signatory Name to login WHY?


When SMS / Registered EMAIL has been sent. REMINDER CAN BE SENT why calls to REMIT THE PAYMENT BEFORE DUE DATE.


The customer care executives late evening for a corporate customer asks "GIVE TRANSACTION DETAILS " WHY? It's for the back end operations team to update and share the details. Why should the customer?

TECHNICAL SERVICE personnel also fancy calling late evenings to sort the problem. Wonder WHY?

The customer care representatives prefer to call late in the evenings. WHY

Even if we write an email we get an automated reply THAT'S ALL !!!



There customer service is worst.
There all helplines sucks and their executive don't know anything.complete zero.
Just wastage of money and time
I am following up from last 2 weeks but no resolution.

Humble request to all.Stay away from Jio

Abusive and non responsive service for Fiber

They do not pick up call on the customer service number. While calling on escalation number they just try to route you to same Fiber number and each time call drops. Wasted more than 3 hrs on calls with them in total and nobody picks.

No response

I am complain on dt 07/09/20,
Appointment for Service of your JioFiber connection has been scheduled at your premises.
Thank you,
Team JioFiber,
This msg recd by jio fiber team,but no any solution after 96 hours,who are tha responsible for mu work loss & validity time loss for plan,

issue resolution time

Worst customer service .. its been 3 days customer care executives are not even picking calls .

Internet not installed yet

Hi, My name is Sahil and I am from dehradun. I applied for jiofibre connection on 2/09/2020 and till date its not installed. Moreover,nobody is picking my call neither the customer care person or the one who came to book my connection.i never expected such service from one of the biggest giant in the industry.

Charged the money and now saying Connection not available

I have applied for the JIo Fiber connection, I asked them to first install them I will pay, but the fellow said, not possible, as we need to generate the service request and only then they will install the connection.

That guy is not picking up the phone and service is still not installed.

I am trying to contact Jio Fiber customer care and nobody is picking up the phone there.

I need to cancel the connection now.

Let me know, what should I do.

pathetic services of the company

i have recharged my jio account and even after 10 days of recharged being done my internet services have not started. worst and pathetic services of jio. Dear Sir only big big promises are of no use. Please look into genuine problems of the public.

New Jio connection

I am trying to get a new fibre connection from jio since Feb 2020. I was told that my area is inactive. Thet told that the jio fibre is active opposite to our side, but once its active on out side we will reach you, but no one reached us. After 3 months my next door two neighbours got the connection. So I tried to reach them, but they gave me the same excuse and no one is ready to help. Its so pathetic way of doing business. I am surprised about the kind of mangement hired by Jio.

Very Worst

Please don't get jio fiber please I have wasted my money. I have asked them for invoice also but they didn't give.

Amount paid but connection not provided, fake promises

Your employee no67560055 Rohit Ranjan has collected payment from us on 08/08/2020 and promise to provide jio fibre connection within 7 days. Now after 18 days connection not done.

He has done fake promises to me

Now his phone is not replied.

We have paid on the basis of reliance big group but now I thought it is wastage of money and wastage of time. And this is the region why mukesh ambni is 4 th richest man in world.



Service not good

My Ticket is pending from 15 Aug. 2020. Problem will be same after 3 hour of engg. visit. Some time Engg. close the Ticket automatically without come to the site. Please think again if you purchase the Jio Fiber.

Worst Services of JIO Fibre

My Jio was installed for 3500 and after a month got discontinued, tried to connect with the customer care which is absolutely pathetic

Payed money still no service

Don't buy worst service.I payed money stolen service. I called some maney time to service help line no use. Pls don't take.

Worst service of Jio

Pls pls dont opt for jio fiber with their lucarative offers. They are looting customers and if this continue the day will come it will have to shut down its business. Only cheaters are there. Customer service people are like uneducated or they didn't know about their product. Every time they have a different version. My setup box is not working from 15 days and no one is bothered to call or visit.
Every time I have 4-5 times a day but in vain.

So before going to buy jio fiber pls think twice. Adviced to go with Airtel. They have better after sales service.

very bad after sale service

got the jio fiber connection few days back . the connection was installed within one day where i requested the personal that if i dont get proper signals in the total area of my house than kindly put more routers for which i will pay . as i am not getting signals throuhout my house hence i am calling the office tollfree numbers any their personal numbers continuously for the last one week but not getting any responce. if this is the type of service is given by such company which is boosting of lot of international investments than it should be accomodating in solving the problems.

Worst services with Fake Promises complimentary. Dont buy it.

I got the new connection on my Gas Agency, Petrol Pump & at my home. Speed which I am getting was not even nearby the promised speed.
From last 6 days, some cable got damaged internally and I am continuously calling on customer care and the person who fixed my connection, no one is responsing and not even picking up the call.
My business is all paused due to this bullshit Jio Fiber.
I personally suggest to all those whosoever is reading this, that please dont get Jio FIber for urself. The services are at its worst and third class.

Fraud with the customers

I have got jio fibre installed at my place. The concerned company officials said that I will be free for 6 months and you don't have to pay anything extra. But when i month was completed the data did not get renewed and when i called the concerned person he said we do have any such plan and you have to recharge it otherwise you will not be able to use the internet. When we talked to higher officials they yelled at us very badly and said " we will not do anything, you get it removed". I just can't beleive that such huge company have officials who are exploiting the customer for some money.
It is highly recommended to not go for jio fibre net. They do fraud with the customers.

Very worst response from Jio Fiber

I am from Chennai I have taken new connection last week and I have paid 3500 , Technicians are not experience person they do know how give connection and went out, they are saying we will come tomorrow sir, technican reason is saying gateway box is some problem sir.

I called executive person no response. And I try calling so many times no response.

And after three day two person came to my house for recover the problem and solved it.

Next day the same problem Jio Fiber is not working and I registered complaint the same day.

Customer care replied me, within 24 hrs will solve ur problem

I waited for one day no response

Again I registered,,, they given same massage with in 24 hrs.

Till now no one came to my house to recover.

My humble request please don't go Jio Fiber gateway.

Earlier I used AIRTEL for 7 years, the sales guy said super speed 150 Mbs Jio Fiber sir, at any time u give me call immediately we will response you sir. He convinced me but Now....... No response.

No proper service and they how to respond customers.

I have paid Rs. 3500/- I request to repay my money. Not even use one day... Jio Fiber.

Bad and pathatic service

This is to inform you that I pratik Sultania my jio fiber number is not working since 20th may,2020 from evening 8 pm. I have called 35 times to the customer care and complain about the internet is not working , they always tells me today the enginering will be visiting your place in between 2 - 4 pm , then again they are telling they will visit your place by 2 - 5 pm , agin they are telling they will visit by tomorrow morning then they are say we have exsalate the complain they will call u and visit your home again they are saying by today you will get the call after that again they told me by tomorrow morning the engenering will be visiting your house. I have registered my complain on 21st may 2020 at 12 :56 pm , since then i am facing the problem with the customer care service today then tomorrow they are just saying and not helping in resolving my problem , due to this my work is getting hamper, but i am not getting the correct resolution that when they will visit and resolve my issue. If like this jio is giving the customer satisfaction then i would say its a pathatic. I am really got fed up with the jio fiber connection, and its a worst company and the network. No one have a responsible that the customer is calling the 35 times to the jio customer care for the complain and no one is care about. All are playing fool of the customer and playing with us.


नये JIO FIBRE यूजर सावधान JIO FIBRE ना खरीदें, यह नये CONNECTION देने के लिए 2 दिन लगते हैं , पर कोइ COMPLAIN SOLVE करना परे तो काफि दिन लगते है , जहा 24 hr का वादा करते हैं ।

worst and pathetic services of jio

. worst and pathetic services of jio

Jio Fiber Speed Problem

I have taken a GOLD plan in April 2020 of Jio Fiber. The speed claim in 200MBPS and I am receiving max 300 KBPS. After booking a complaint to customer care, I have called so many times to the service engineer, he came and could not do anything. I feel like my whole money is waste. I would not suggest anyone take the connection of Jio Fiber. The service is very poor. As if they do not need you. It's your problem you solve it by yourself.

Complaint of Jio Giga Fibre refund security deposit

Complaint of Jio Giga Fibre set up box deactivation & refund of security deposit. Device – Jio Gigafiber Setupbox had been picked up by Jio staff Mr. Neeraj Kumar ( ID # KCRJ162028 ) Sector-80 Noida on 26th Dec’2019. He has also given written acknowledgement that I will get refund in my bank account within 3 weeks. Its been more than a month now and I am still following up Jio for my refund of security deposit of Rs. 2500


Dear Team JIO Fiber,

We are using and enjoying JIO Fiber connection at our home but I would like to draw your attention that after sales services are also important to maintain reputation of company and It is really shocking that company like reliance is not taking it seriously.
I as a customer not able to lodge a complaint easily as your customer support calls having very tedious and lengthy process and afterwords no response from your team. Can you imagine that you are providing 1 gbps speed and try to addict every body to use all hi tech equipments and think when your connection is going out of service and addicted person trying to reach you but unable then what he will do??????

I am one of victim of your bad services from last 4 days my JIO Fibre is not working and even lodging complaint (NO. SR 0000104QL4) not getting any solution, which I think is SHAREABLE for Company Like RELIANCE.

kindly improve your services if you want to survive.

Thanks and Regards

Very Poor after installation service of Jio fibre

I have taken Jiofibre internet silver plan. During installation of internet and STB, the Jio executives / service engineers were very prompt.
Jio has expanded its customer base to such a huge extent that they are not able to provide
after installation services. Next day after installation, I has problems with STB and remote control. The service engineers did not visit in spite of my repeated complaints.
They do not respond to e-mails also. They do not disclose the contact details of JIO Company's responsible executives.
Under such situations, I will be quitting Jio fibre and revert back to my earlier service provider. A large number of other customers from my society
are also planning like this.
Registered mobile XXXXXX8123

I agree the above complaint

Same problem for mee too .I have called the Executives they are Rejecting my call
Really i have worried lot on loosing my money in jio fiber.Poor service after sales

Want to discontinue fiber and required return money

I am assisting customer and I don't want want to continue your service. So many time contacted but not getting responses. Every time executive days due technical reasons they are unable to check details.If not providing company say like this not fair.
Pl. Suggest or help.

applay new cinaction

hi mera nae rakesh kumar hai mein jio gigafiver applay kiy hu abhi tak call nahi aaya so help me

Live TV shows and many channels not opening after installation

After installation, buffering problem faced during watching live TV shows. Informed persons installing, and they told it will be ok after some time. Till Next day not solved. Called customer care , got reply to register complaint after 4 hours and refused to register complaint. Called again next day, complaint registered and asked to wait 24 hours. In the mean time many more channels stopped working. Called several time but got reply backend team working. When your system is not yet upgraded to provide declared services why taking many days on our cost for resolution. Suffering since installation but no solution yet. If not able to provide the services why installation was made and why not cancel and refund entire amount on your failure to provide service. No live channels of news or entertainment or any live shows not working... Pathetic service and no after service. customer care just passes buck and time pass... disgusting....

Complaint regarding jio fibre/ service

Dear sir,
I subodh gupta having the jio fibre connection last month of 12th dec 2019. But sorry to say that I m not much much satisfied with jio fibre service or team work. From last 5 days I m not using my jio service, even after complaints no jio team members are ready to solving the same... So my humble request is to disconnect my service on 12th jan 2020 surely.
I faced too much bad experience of jio.. or I will not suggest to any body.

Subodh gupta

Not even one third of promised speed available

Paid Rs 12,021.84 towards annual charges. However hardly one third of the promised speed of 100 mbps is being received by me.

Complaint regarding selling me the product with wrong informatio

Dear jio fibre member
At starting of the month I had contacted Mr. Arvind Singh of our area for getting information on Jio fibre. He sent Mr. Mrutuanjay, a sales executive. He came with pamplate of Jio fibre and with wearing Jio fibre t-shirt. He informed me that I will get live TV, all application including Netflix and Amazon also no need to take subscription of Hotstar premium in the silver plan.
After installation I came to know that all the above information are incorrect and he deliberately lie to sell the product.

Immediately I complained in customer care but no action was taken.

I need my money (total 3500 Rs. )paid before installation.

Requested to kindly do the needful

Hi, what is the status of

Hi, what is the status of your complaint?


Internet is not working properly. It gets disconnected intermittently.

Please get it checked.

Secondly when will I get set top box.

Ramesh Thukral

Worst Internet Speed

My name is Bharat Kumar Singla. I m from Ludhiana Punjab. My contact number is 92XXXX6166, I am using airtel broadband from last 10 years , but dont know how stupid i m that i got in words of jio salesman, that they are providing high speed & all other , i am still happy that i have nt disconnected my airtel number yet, because this jio fiber device has the worst speed even seen. Even it is taking time on watching a movie on Television through Jio Movies. Please dont use this , they are very cleverly saying that , we are not taking any advance , but the main thing is that they are taking all their money in advance .

my nomber off

dear sir my sim is block i am in dubai plz help me

Jio fibrenet not working. Wire cut down.please restore it.

My jio fibre net is not working. It seems that the wire is cut down. Please repair or restore at the earliest.

Disconnection of jio fiber , Fake commitments ,

Dear Jio Team ,

I'm calling to your team past 17 days , nobody is ready to resolve my problem , 2 years before i have jio fiber connection last 9 months i didn't recharge my connection , now i called for resolve the issue they told you have to submit your old connection , we will provide the new connection they came to collect the amount but they didn't close my old connection , i have deposited my security amount , i didn't got yet , indirpuram manager is very worst behavior name is they won't pick my calls , now they are telling you disconnect your new connection also , that type of big companies have a such type of cheap behavior you will going to lose the business in indian market.

Delayed connection

Respected Ambani ji

I’m a 61 years old woman, living in Bhopal with my husband’s Dr Arun Prakash mathur. We had applied for jio fiber connection. Mr.Pankaj Barange Asst manager from your company approached us on 9/10/19 with jio fiber plan , we paid him ₹2500 by card and were promised to get the connection the next day. The same hasn’t been done till date. We have called him and his boss Mr Ajay Mishra several times , but of no use. They just come ,check and say “line ki wiring problem he” And go away without any solution or result.
I’m attaching his card and a few whatsapp chat with him .
I’m sorry to have disturbed you sir .
But I sincerely hope that a solution can be given or our money returned.

Hoping for a quick response
With regards to you and dear Neeta madam
Your sincerely
Sandhya mathur

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