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All India Prepaid & Postpaid customer care numbers

9810012345 for Postpaid
9810198101 for Prepaid

All India Airtel Prepaid/Postpaid customer care numbers
SNo. Circle Toll free query no. from Airtel mobile Toll free service request no. from Airtel mobile SMS no. to send SERVICE START sms Post Paid Customer care no. from non Airtel phone Prepaid Paid Customer care no. from non Airtel phone Email id for customer care
1 Andhra Pradesh 121 198 121 9849012345 9849098490 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
2 Assam 121 198 121 9954012345 9954099540 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
3 Bihar & Jharkhand 121 198 121 9934012345 9934099340 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
4 Chennai 121 198 121 9840012345 9840198401 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
5 Delhi 121 198 121 9810012345 9810198101 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
6 Gujarat 121 198 121 9898012345 9898098980 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
7 Haryana 121 198 121 9896012345 9896098960 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
8 Himachal Pradesh 121 198 121 9816012345 9816098160 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
9 Karnataka 121 198 121 9845012345 9845098450 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
10 Kerala 121 198 121 9895012345 9895198951 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
11 Kolkata 121 198 121 9831012345 9831098310 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
12 MP & Chattisgarh 121 198 121 9893012345 9893098930 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
13 Maharashtra & Goa 121 198 121 9890012345 9890098900 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
14 Mumbai 121 198 121 9892012345 9892098920 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
15 North East 121 198 121 9862012345 9862098620 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
16 Orissa 121 198 121 9937012345 9937099370 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
17 Punjab 121 198 121 9815012345 9815098150 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
18 Rajasthan 121 198 121 9829012345 9950099500 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
19 Tamil Nadu 121 198 121 9894012345 9894198941 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
20 UP East 121 198 121 9935012345 9935199351 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
21 UP(West) & Uttarakhand 121 198 121 9897012345 9897098970 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
22 West Bengal 121 198 121 9933012345 9933099330 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com



My SIM was deactivated for long time I want to reactivate

Indian SIM Was not working in Malawi, Central Africa

Dear Sir / Madam
Greetings from Malawi!!

I have been using an Airtel sim for the last 12 years, my Mobile number 970xxxxxx, My SIM number is 89910xxxxxxx,I am currently staying in Malawi, Central Africa, for the last 1 month my Indian sim has not been working. This number connected to all my bank related works.
Hence I am requesting you to resolve my problem as early as possible.
not only me, my friends have Indian Airtel sims, theirs is not working.

Thanks & Regards
Prasad koppaka

Regarding double recharge

I mistakenly recharged my mobile the plans work month this plan works or not

Few contacts are showing

Few contacts are showing switched off when I call them

Sms not recived

Dear team

I have recharge ₹666 validity 84 days
But still not received sms from airtel team
So confirm pls already debited my account

My recharge is not working

I hv recharged with Rs 209/- plan but my numberis not working. Why?

My recharge plan is not

My recharge plan is not working
Check. Verify immeditaly

I recharge my mobile but

I recharge my mobile but still calls doesn't connect. If I try to contact airtel customer service it doesn't works .

No SIM Problem

My number is showing no SIM , kindly solve this problem

Mera sim band ho gaya hay aur

Mera sim band ho gaya hay aur sim bhi gum ho gaya hay aur hum Saudi Arabia me hay sim hamara Kayes Chalu hoga

Laura server no1 worst service evr

And anger for this Mc airtel service reach level of burning down every tower of airtel to solve evrything Mc company always hiding behind recrded voice why ?and ur laura techincal issue never fixed .momeney to fixed got corruption or what.. not only data suck evn cal cuts wht kind of service u guys ur giving us not only 1 day its happens evry day not only once its does 10 20 times evryday wht kind ofservice behaviour does airtel is providing us.. will break this mc airtel sim after i link my bnk accnt on another sim airtel laura fk all staff and service provider may ur company gets extinct forever and never rise up again Mc airtel

Net problem

Since one month net not working properly.

Daily same problem net come net gone
I complaint many times but no one solve my problem......

I think I case your airtel company....

Not working network signals

Not working network signals sometimes not working problem

My sim is not working

Hi Team,
My sim is not getting detected. I am outside India. I have recharged my mobile sim twice for Rs 799. Nothing seems to be working. Please help asap.
My number is XXXXXXXX.

Data problem

Why did you get down without data balance use me?

issue of stale dated cheque for refund proceeds of Mobile portin

A cheque number 509814 is issued favouring Lakshminarayana KLme was dishonoured by my Bank vide cheque return date 25.10.2021.
Request for issue of fresh cheque within 7 working days or else complaint will be filed against the signatories for issuing stale dated cheques as it is violation to do the same as per RBI norms. Reply as soon as possible .

Sim network not showing.

Since morning my sim is not working no network range.
And Airtel customer care number not connecting me to talk with customer care

Sim network signal


Wrong recharge

By mistake the recharge has been done in the wrong number is there any way to reverse the recharge.


Internet is not working daily I am facing problem I would like to talk with executive but no input is on number 198 I am not satisfied atall with airtel service I made mistake that I have change my port to airtel now I am thinking to change port from airtel to another service provider your service is not good kindly talk with me complain you are solving after 8 days so within 8 days I am unable to use 8 days beside this I am getting unnecessary notifications kindly stop it immediately and talk with me.

Not working network signals

Not working network signals

Today i.e. on 19/12/2021

Today i.e. on 19/12/2021 (SUNDAY) I recharged my number (982128xxxx) twice once for ₹10 which was neither reflected in my account nor in SMS then I recharged for ₹100 and the I got 2 SMS and 2 emails regarding my recharge of both the amount.

The amount of ₹110 is deducted from my account but still I unable to make or receive calls.

I want Airtel either to make it reflect on my mobile number or return the money back to me as soon as possible......

no service against my recharge value 301 rs.dated 3rd Dec.

In response to service providers' massage I recharged for 301 rs. but on expiry of my previous pack on 7th the services discontinued by provider . It appears that this is an batryal.

I recharged my number twice and money also deducted twice

Please give a solution

Network Problem

Past few days i am facing network problem at Devgad, Maharashtra. Pin code 416613

Request for unblock PUK of my SIM

I Rathi Sahu a customer of 12 years under your Airtel company, Now I have been facing problems of PUK BLOCK in my designated Mobile number xxxxxxxxxx...
So I request you to please help me about the smooth solution of UNBLOCK PUK and how to do it..
With regards
Rathi Sahu
Bargarh (Odisha)

Puk blocked

Please do something of sim it's have problems that it puk Is blocked how can I unblock please

SIM card problem

Sir my please sim bnad ho gai hay please opne karni hay please help me

Sim block

Sir help me plz

I have a problem, while I'm

I have a problem, while I'm on call and someone is trying to contact me, I don't get to know if he/she is calling me....I don't even know its SIM problem or mobile's setting problem.

Broadband False Information

More false information in app and agent person. They promised 40 MBPS speed but provided only 2 MBPS device ...

Recharge of Phone

I recharged for plan of Rs.598/- ( 1.5 GB data per day and validity 84 days)from Airtel thanks app on 21.5.21 and as per that app amount payable is Rs.558/-( a discount of Rs.40/-). The recharge was successful after payment of Rs.558/-. Now i received a SMS changing my plan to 558( 3 GB per day and validity 56 days) which i never asked. I am loosing 28 days validity and Rs.40/- (discount). This is the way of cheating genuine customer. Kindly inform me to whom i should contact for remedial solution.

Data coupon issue

I have been using the Airtel network for more than 10 years, I have faced two issues several times recently.

1)I got the message like "You have successfully claimed 1GB data coupon. Data is valid for today and will reflect in your account in 15min." but there is no data credited into account(this one verified in Airtel thanks app). it happens several times but none of the time data not credited.

2) Sometimes randomly consuming 1.5 GB or 2 Gb within 5 to 10 mins, in that time I have watched a youtube video.

Provide last 12 month call history

Please provide last 12 month call history asap.


How can I know about Airtel vsat installation and charges

Bad service

Really disappointed with airtel. I ported my number from vodafone to airtel.. but I'm not
getting proper services and the issue is not being resolved. We can't talk to customer care regarding problem. Can't operate through airtel thanks app. I feel vodafone was better than airtel.. before porting number, airtel used to call everyday and now when I need assistance.. airtel officials are no where.. internet and calling network socks.. really disappointed

Airtel mobile

I have problem with receiving calls and not able to call.

not able to recharge

Recently port my no to Airtel. I am trying to recharge since yesterday but the recharge is getting failed AGAIN and AGAIN. My 1200/- got stuck in the process and beyond that the no is not working. Very frustating service ever experienced.

There is no network in my

There is no network in my area.even couldn't send massage on whatsapp so please solve this problem.

network issue

no network in my area


I was rather fed up with my Vodafone connection and had decided to shift to Airtel.
I tried to call several Airtel numbers given on the internet for Gurugram but these were either not working or not responding.
I then checked this page, and after going through the complaints of several Airtel users decided to stay where I am.
The problem with the Indian business management culture is that once the service provider realises that the customer is stuck with them and does not have many choices, they forget all the promises / claims made previously. The mind-set is one of the small town shop-keeper.

Network problem tour install

In my location of 5 to 5 km there is no airtel tour and too much network problem i have sufficient land amd i just want to plant tour in my area on my land.

Recharge Problem

I have made 3 attempts for recharge, till now it is not able to process.More than 1000 rs is already paid, kindly check and revert asap.

Network problem

There is no network in my area.even couldn't send massage on whatsapp so please solve this problem.

network are not working properly

network are not working that why i am very troubled this problem please immediately the action of my the problem
thanks you

Porting to other network from Airtel

I am using my Airtel no since 2007 and That time I recharged with 350rs for life time incoming free later due to change of rules by Airtel for all incoming or outgoing calls to be recharged otherwise number will not work that time I asked Airtel customer care regarding my life time Incoming free recharge but I did not get any positive feed back so I am recharging my no with 49Rs every month to keep it live now there is no plan for only validity extension it means robbing money from customers so I fed up with Airtel now I am going for portability who gives validity extension with low cost.
Tnq for not responding,
Ur long 13,yrs customer

XStream on TV

I had done a prepaid topup for the entire year, which entitled me to the premium services on Airtel XStream app. While I am able to see the movies etc on my mobile, I am not able to view it on my Smart TV after downloading the Airtel XStream app on the TV. Kindly suggest what could be the problem.

Double Recharge

I have recharged my mobil for 598 plan yesterday..Unexpectedly my sister has also recharged the for my mobile with 698 pack..It is double recharge which is of use.And the plan expires after 84 days..Is there any possibility of extending one my recharge amount that I have done for another 84 days? Or can the mny be reverted back for my recharge..Please help me out in this

Network issue

Mera 2 days se sim card me network nhi aa raha hai

Network issue

2 days se network searching bata raha hai number

Query about recharge

Respected sir/mam
Actually yesterday I recharged my phone with 48 rs. Pack, I got 3gb net with validity of 28 days.. I have used the pack within the same day.. Today I again recharged my phone with 449Rs.pack, but it is not activated yet, bcoz I received a message and it was written that it will be activated after 28 days.. Kindly suggest me any other option, because i have do work with the help of internet..i can't wait for So long..otherwise I will port the sim. So you are kindly requested to do the needful.

Lock my sim help me urgent

Lock my sim card pleas help me

Please return money

I recharge 499 on 29/07/20 but money cut from my account and recharge is not please request to you please help me for return my money.

Network problem

My airtel sim is 4g but run like 2g network please help me and you are cheater your 121 customer care device did not connect to grahak seva adhikaari please help me otherwise I will port the my sim to other sim .

Message not sand

mere sim se kisi ko message nahi Sand hota hay please sahi Kar dejeye

Data cuts without usage

Sir my plan 1.5 gb per day but sometimes it all expired without useing so plesa solve my problem

Wrong recharge

Mere chote bhai ne galti se 45 RS ka recharge kar diya mere no. Pe Janki mera Abhi unlimited pack chal rha h...

Mujhe mere paise bapos mil sakte h..

Bill pay

Sir mere number per Bill pay plan activity

Salo airtel balo 121 198 care

Salo airtel balo 121 198 care no pe baat hoti nhi hai faltu bat karte ho care se bat krane ka option nhi ata

World bakwass network airtel and customer service is irritating

Airtel is India fastest network
Airtel is India bakwas network my no. Vodafone to airtel but airtel is very bad not working even not browsing internet very very bad please don't choose airtel you have already better option
This company is very irresponsible

My all data is used without using net

Today I not use my net but my data was already use

great network airtel

Sir, i live in delhi moti nagar where the network of the great AIRTEL is very worst. Will it can be rectified or do i have to change the network if so suggest a good network.

Sim card stopped working all of a sudden.

My Airtel Sim card stopped working suddenly.pls retify the issue at the earliest.

Sim card is not working

My Airtel number stopped working suddenly.pls retify the issue at the earliest.

hi well help you sir or madam

hi well help you sir or madam my airtal sim not workking


Yesterday I recharge rs 49 but till now balance added what can I do and also contact customer service not

Airtel mobile recharge problem

Airtel mobile recharge problem


Plize send to airtel company watsup number

Trouble in using data

I have airtel prepaid number of bihar I am getting trouble in using mobile data i had done recharge of 599 plan in which airtel provides 1.5 gb data daily but it is not working from yesterday please resolve my issue. I have to suffer from many problems because of this issue. So kindly solve it as soon as possible.
Thank you


Network problem net solw plzz help

Network problem

Please provide 4G Internet services in Karnataka the 4G internet is very slow so please refresh this service.


Sir, i live in kodai tamilnadu where the network of the great AIRTEL is very worst. Will it can be rectified or do i have to change the network if so suggest a good network.


My airtel Network Data speed issue

My Airtel single issue

My Airtel single issue

Mobile data

सर मैंने कल 558 रुपये का प्लान रिचार्ज किया था रिचार्ज होने के बाद अभी भी डेटा बैलेंस 0 दिख रहा है


How I port my sim

Network problem

Dear sir/madam,
My Airtel no-811xxxxxxx is not working. My network is 4G but it work 2G.Incoming calls are coming but outgoing call are not I face many problem. What can I do u advice me. Replay me first as soon as possible.

My network problem

My network problem

Outgoing service is disconnected

Hi team,

My Airtel No is 8422xxxxxx.I have done MNP for 8422xxxxxx from Idea To Airtel.I have paid my idea bill of 120.55 Rs. on Sunday 17th may 2020 within my due date which was 18th May 2020.
The PDF file of my idea bill payment is already i have mailed on 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com.
After doing payment also airtel team disconnected my outgoing call from yesterday.
So please activate my outgoing service ASAP.

I have lost my sim card

I have lost my sim card plz block my sim

Number de-activate

Dear sir,

My Contact No xxxxxxxxxx Was disconnected due to non-payment of outstanding amount. I had cleared all the out sanding on last week and request for the activation of the SIM. But unfortunately the SIM has not yet got activated.

Kindly do the needful to get the SIM reactivated at the earliest as soon as possible.

Sim not working

Yesterday done my recharge but sim not working

no incoming

i m now in up now but incoming call is not working ,pls solve this problem , anu 121 or other helpline iwas not working

incoming problem .no incomoingcall,i

sir, i am now i up lucknow but incominig call is not incoming ,but outgoing call is working ,plz sole this ,121 no is not respnding any help or complaint no is not responding ,,,what can i do , i m tired

Recharge nahi hua h paise Kay liye h account se

Maine 28/4/2020 Ko my Airtel app se recharge Kiya tha paise Kay liye Apne 399 per recharge nahi aaya us ke Baad 49 ka bhi recharge Kiya paise Kay Gaye per recharge nahi aaya mujhe mere paise kaise wapas milenge ya phir recharge kaise hoga ye batao jaldi...

Sim not activated

After the date of 15 April 2020i have facing problem due my sim number network connection so kindly help me


On the March bill you will cheat me and promise I will give you full waiver but airtel can't waiver on this situation so please stop services my no I want to port my no..

Lost of sim

Airtel sim card of guzraat which is being used in up east is lost
How should I block it

Data cuts without usage

My data plan is 2gb per day but sometimes it's expires more than one gb without using data I think it's fourth time to me please solve my problem

Where is my recharge

Dear sir:
Today I will recharge my family member number but recharge benifits not received.... So please solve the problem